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9/1/2021 Update

In short; I’ve been busy. Baby girl New house Website redesign Started streaming again New Pc New Game (TBC Classic) New Minecraft server New Hobby (Bourbon) Might break these down into further details at a later date, but until I get the interest I will leave as is.

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Camera Upgrade

After the re-arranging of the battle station in the previous post; I was not happy with my camera / lighting. Here is my research post; will be editing and trying to display my thoughts through this process. DSLR: I knew that majority of high-quality streamers use a DSLR camera; so I first went to youtube […]

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COVID Basement Rework

This project started because I had the idea of optimizing my basement for working out. I decided to upgrade my home gym and pickup a water rower. The idea is to put the water rower and treadmill where my current desk is to get the equipment as far away from my children’s rooms as possible. […]

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Streaming update

Greenscreen Timelapse I have wanted a green screen for a while but wanted it to be portable. I didn’t want a permanent solution. I was interested in an Elgato product that I could collapse and started you watch some youtube reviews on the product. I happen to stumble across a youtube video showing an alternative […]

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OSRS Quest Cape

I’ve been playing Old School Runescape for the last 100 days or so and was able to finally secure my quest cape. My nostalgia trip has been filled with huge accomplishments from when I played back in the day.

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Workstation Improvements

Over the past few months, I have struggled to get time to cast. My issue stems from the placement of my workstation which happens to be directly under my son’s bedroom. I tried to adjust for this by getting a California air compressor that is built to be quiet. Despite being quieter than the pancake […]

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Board Culture

Episode 1: Kyle of KeyForge After the fall of Keebtalk, I was hoping something would rise from the ashes. Wokechill has decided to continue the interview – podcast style clips & the first episode can be found here. I was happy to hear that I was given a little bit of a plug around the 23:00 […]

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I was able to cut down a 9.45 and a 9.35 disk to test in my pressure pot to get some measurements so I could have Theglyph make me a new shelf. With one of my last work sessions, I pressed down too hard on one of my acrylic bases and snapped part of it […]

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Casting Progress

The first attempt at casting resulted in a few discoveries. The first is that I had a leak in my pot somewhere, which was causing my compressor to keep kicking on to maintain pressure. My father suggested I add a ball valve to the input of my pot so I could isolate the pot from […]

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Sticker Bomb!

Imgur Album Here!   I decided to go against a nice cutting mat since the material I am working with is very messy and I didn’t want to ruin it. Started with a sticker bomb!

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