Over the past few months, I have struggled to get time to cast. My issue stems from the placement of my workstation which happens to be directly under my son’s bedroom.

I tried to adjust for this by getting a California air compressor that is built to be quiet. Despite being quieter than the pancake compressor that I previously had, it’s still too loud in a dead silent house. I had brainstormed a few ideas;

  • Insulate the basement ceiling with sound dampening insulation.
  • Build a soundproof enclosure for the air compressor itself.
  • Move the air compressor further away and run a longer hose.

I decided to go with moving the air compressor, as when I thought about it I had the perfect spot for it; It also allowed me to add sound dampening insulation down the road if I needed to both the already built enclosure or the ceiling.

Had my wife give me confirmation with the compressor running

After testing out the volume of the compressor in its new location, I was ready to start the project.

The first thing I had to do was drill a hole big enough for the ends of the hose to snake through. From there all I had to do was start moving my drop ceiling tiles and start a good old fashion wire pull.

The first night I only made it so far, as my son was sick with a cold and I didn’t want to risk waking him.

Progress picked up again, and I was able to pull the rest of the line.

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