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Camera Upgrade

After the re-arranging of the battle station in the previous post; I was not happy with my camera / lighting. Here is my research post; will be editing and trying to display my thoughts through this process.


I knew that majority of high-quality streamers use a DSLR camera; so I first went to youtube to search the DSLR webcam setup. One of the first posts was a 2020 budget DSLR camera setup.

After having watched the above; my thought went to a decision between the Sony a5100 or the Sony a6400 which is a 4k camera. Part of me wants to do the 5100 for the flip screen; so I could see my display on the camera while streaming without having to swap back to streamlabs, however, the other side of me wants to do the a6400 for the 4k and the thought process of if I’m upgrading why go up 1 tier when I can go up 2 tiers. I searched on the Facebook marketplace and there is an a5100 about an hour east for 200$ although new is only an additional 200$. Still weighing in but I believe the 5100 might be the way to go, considering there are other costs associated with finalizing the setup. (cam link, battery charger, ring light).


The idea here was to light up my face a little better;

I tried to play around with a table lamp but was pretty unhappy with the results. I moved my Philips hue play bars in front of my monitor for the time being for the results below.

I am decently happy with this result for the time being; but I would like to add the philips hue standing lights behind me, however they are steep for price. Unless I can get each for sub 200 I doubt i’ll be picking up anytime soon.

I have also wanted to pick up a mount for the DSLR camera that is also a ring light. After doing a bit of online research I was tempted to go with this mount/light.

Update: 5/8/2020

I talked to a friend and he sent me a link to a video by Alpha Gaming’s channel below

After having watched the video I am leaning towards waiting for the Canon EOS R5. Not sure what the price point on this camera will be but I feel this will change the DSLR camera market for the better.