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Category: Board & Video Games

9/1/2021 Update

In short; I’ve been busy. Baby girl New house Website redesign Started streaming again New Pc New Game (TBC Classic) New Minecraft server New Hobby (Bourbon) Might break these down into further details at a later date, but until I get the interest I will leave as is.

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OSRS Quest Cape

I’ve been playing Old School Runescape for the last 100 days or so and was able to finally secure my quest cape. My nostalgia trip has been filled with huge accomplishments from when I played back in the day.

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Raffle Rigger V1.0

Github Link To Raffle Rigger V1.0 I have created a raffle script for easier raffle invoicing. Star / Watch the project on github for new versions. Have suggestions? Leave a comment.

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