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Category: Casting

Workstation Improvements

Over the past few months, I have struggled to get time to cast. My issue stems from the placement of my workstation which happens to be directly under my son’s bedroom. I tried to adjust for this by getting a California air compressor that is built to be quiet. Despite being quieter than the pancake […]

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Board Culture

Episode 1: Kyle of KeyForge After the fall of Keebtalk, I was hoping something would rise from the ashes. Wokechill has decided to continue the interview – podcast style clips & the first episode can be found here. I was happy to hear that I was given a little bit of a plug around the 23:00 […]

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I was able to cut down a 9.45 and a 9.35 disk to test in my pressure pot to get some measurements so I could have Theglyph make me a new shelf. With one of my last work sessions, I pressed down too hard on one of my acrylic bases and snapped part of it […]

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Casting Progress

The first attempt at casting resulted in a few discoveries. The first is that I had a leak in my pot somewhere, which was causing my compressor to keep kicking on to maintain pressure. My father suggested I add a ball valve to the input of my pot so I could isolate the pot from […]

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Sticker Bomb!

Imgur Album Here!   I decided to go against a nice cutting mat since the material I am working with is very messy and I didn’t want to ruin it. Started with a sticker bomb!

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Pressure Pot Issues Pt. 2

My second pressure pot has rust on the bottom of the pot, currently working with re-seller to figure out what’s going on. I will continue to update this thread till everything works itself out.   Update 1: I have been informed that’s its an issue at binks and that in the meantime I can continue using […]

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Casting Update

I’ll just jump into it.   I received my first binks pressure pot and it was damaged. After spending close to 600 dollars on an item I returned it. Since then I found a user named TheGlyph who had posted his setup in the #casting channel in the mechanical keyboard discord. I was really impressed […]

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