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Category: Website

9/1/2021 Update

In short; I’ve been busy. Baby girl New house Website redesign Started streaming again New Pc New Game (TBC Classic) New Minecraft server New Hobby (Bourbon) Might break these down into further details at a later date, but until I get the interest I will leave as is.

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Board Culture

Episode 1: Kyle of KeyForge After the fall of Keebtalk, I was hoping something would rise from the ashes. Wokechill has decided to continue the interview – podcast style clips & the first episode can be found here. I was happy to hear that I was given a little bit of a plug around the 23:00 […]

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Casting Progress

The first attempt at casting resulted in a few discoveries. The first is that I had a leak in my pot somewhere, which was causing my compressor to keep kicking on to maintain pressure. My father suggested I add a ball valve to the input of my pot so I could isolate the pot from […]

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Casting Update

I’ll just jump into it.   I received my first binks pressure pot and it was damaged. After spending close to 600 dollars on an item I returned it. Since then I found a user named TheGlyph who had posted his setup in the #casting channel in the mechanical keyboard discord. I was really impressed […]

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